• FoodASM · Repo

    The Food Assembler. Me and my father made this app together at Techcrunch Disrupt NY 2014 and won the Pearson Best Use of API prize. This was both of our's first hackathon. The goal is to create an application that helps you create a good meal with the ingredients you already have. We used the Pearson Kitchen Manager API to provide recipes, and the Evernote API to send you a checklist of ingredients.

  • Environmentally-Friendly Manufacture of Quantum Dots in E. coli · Repo

    This is a project that I contributed to while working as a high school student at Genspace. The team modified E. coli to express several different peptides intended to generate Cadmium Sulfide quantum dots. A feedback system was also designed to coerce E. coli to produce a more narrow range of quantum dot colors. We presented our results at the iGEM 2011 jamboree in Indiana, and went on to present at the global jamboree at MIT.

  • · Repo

    This is the source for the site you're looking at right now. It's built with Jekyll and hosted on Github Pages.

  • Blabbel · Repo

    A firefox extention to enable typing of non-latin scripts.